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As a typical heiress/ aviator/ flight instructor/ model/ Olympic Skier/ fashion designer/socialite/ couture collector, Ann Bonfoey Taylor was pretty atypical... which is why I had to paint her to grace my bookshelf! But, since there are a multitude of other interesting characters I want on my shelves as well, I am now offering Ann to a new home. Based on one of the relatively few well-known photos of her, this oil on wood piece features her casually posing next to a saffron silk armchair in a lovely ivory satin evening ensemble, topped off with big 60's-chic hair and lashes. I sketched her on 1/2" plywood and cut her out on a scroll saw, then finished in a few layers of oil paint, with a small glimmer of gilt paint accenting her earring. Measuring 10-3/4" h x 7-3/4 w,  she really is intended to be a bookshelf accent; though she is capable of standing on her own, she's best propped against books. Commissions welcomed; please follow me on Instagram (Carterherrington) to see more of my latest work .

Original Wood Cut-Out Painting of Fashion Legend Ann Bonfoey Taylor

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