2010 marked the beginning of a bizarre adventure that led me, along with my partner and our two dogs, out to the West Coast, with no real plan. We initially wound up in Seattle, and lived aboard a rotting 136' WWII minesweeper. Many pieces of artwork were created in our wheelhouse living quarters, which we had remodeled and decorated to resemble a stateroom in an Edwardian-era motor yacht. Next, we inexplicably found ourselves living in a guest house on a grand 3-acre gated estate in Ojai, CA, in the midst of what many would classify as a new-age cult. To combat my boredom and bewilderment, I spent my days painting in a grove of eucalyptus trees on the property. Finally, apropos of nothing, we were invited to live in a sprawling home on the beach in Ventura, CA, with an acquaintance for several months, before my partner and I were both lured back to Texas by the siren-song of engaging employment and low cost of living.  Another couple of moves later, we now happily live and work in Atlanta GA.

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