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This piece is one of the most recent in a series of paintings I have created based on the brilliant Brian DePalma-directed horror masterpiece, Carrie. I started the series in 2014, with the ultimate goal of having an entire solo show based on my paintings of film stills from the movie... but pieces started selling right away, so now I have 6 or 7 pieces, and don't know when/ if a full-scale show will happen, so I am just letting pieces go. If interested in seeing others from the series, please message me. This is one of two paintings of Priscilla Pointer; this one features her settling down for a nice afternoon cocktail and some soaps before she is so rudely interrupted by Mrs. White ("our children are wandering in a wilderness of SIN, Mrs. Snell!"...). This piece is in a looser, more painterly style than some of the others, and is signed and dated on the reverse. Varnished and offered framed as shown.

Afternoon Cocktail

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