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Awhile back I came across some publicity stills of Sophia Loren in Arabesque, which intrigued me enough to watch the film. I don't really remember the plot, but story didn't really matter because Sophia was just so insanely, breathtakingly stunning in every frame that it blotted everything else out, anyway! I hope to have captured even a tiny fraction of that magnetism in this 8-1/2" H x 7-3/4" W oil on wood cut-out painting! Signed and dated on reverse, I sketched this piece out on a 1/2" birch panel, cut it out on my scroll saw and painted the image in oil paints. My cut-out pieces are intended to be displayed on a shelf, mantle or other flat surface, and stand on their own, though I generally prop against books. have a favorite character you'd like painted? Just send a few pics and we can go from there!

Sophia Loren in Arabesque Oil on Birch Cut-Out Painting

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